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Physics Courses Offered

The Physics Department offers a wide variety of introductory courses ranging from conceptual physics for non-science majors to a calculus based physics sequence for a variety of science and engineering majors. It satisfy the needs of students wishing to transfer to four-year colleges and other institutions for further study in science and engineering.

Physics A Foundations of College Physics

Physics 2A

General Physics: Mechanics, Fluids, Properties of Matter, Thermodynamics
Physics 2B General Physics: Waves, Sound, Light, Electricity, Magnetism, Modern Physics
Physics 2X Physics 2A Problem Solving
Physics 2Y Physics 2B Problem Solving
Physics 4A Principles of Physics: Mechanics and Fluids
Physics 4B Principles of Physics: Electricity and Magnetism
Physics 4C Principles of Physics: Thermodynamics, Oscillatory Motion, Waves, Light, Sound, Modern Physics
Physics 4X Physics 4A Problem Solving
Physics 4Y Physics 4B Problem Solving
Physics 4Z Physics 4C Problem Solving
Physics 10 Basic Concepts in Physics
Physics 11 Physical Science Laboratory (Also Chem. 11)

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