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Reminders January 14, 2013

1. Make sure you come to first day of class and first lab meeting if you want to keep your spot in class.

2. If you miss any two of three class meetings (including lab) the first week you will be dropped and replace by someone that is more ready, willing, and waiting to be in the course.

3. You will be dropped if you miss any combination of three lab meetings and if you forget to sign in for 3 open lab times.

4. Read the Syllabus!!

5. Log onto Webassign ASAP! 1st homework due at end of 1st week!!!!

6.Sign up for 2X if you want help on homework. It will not be discussed in lecture.

7.You are expected to read the assigned Chapter in textbook.

Webassign Instructions:

- Go to http:/, and log in

- Click the homework assignment.

- Print out the assignment if you need to. Don't submit for grading until you are ready.

- If you have any questions please direct it to a tutor or instructor.

- Keep 3 significant figures in your answers.

- Acceptable numerical formats: 1/4 0.25 .25 2.5e-1

- Unacceptable numerical formats: O.25(letter O) 2.5 e-1 l/4 (lower case L) 5,300 (no commas)


About the Physics 2A class......

Physics 2A is the first in a sequence of two introductory general physics courses for physics and engineering majors. This course focuses on the fundamentals of mechanics and thermodynamics. The topical content of this course is, typically: kinematics, Newton's laws, energy and momentum conservation, rotational kinematics and dynamics, gravitation, and fluids. It is VERY important that the student has a very good command of algebra and trigonometry.

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