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Tutor Center Opportunities

How can you become a Physics Tutor?

  • Must have broad and in depth knowledge in physics and strong problem solving skills.
  • Have skills for tutoring, including explaining concepts and procedures clearly, recognizing student needs, patiently working with slow learners, and showing empathy toward students having difficulty.
  • Be highly motivated and responsible.

Minimum requirements

  • Have completed 4A and 4B or 4C, or currently enrolled in 4B or 4C, with an "A" grade.
  • Completion of Course SD21A is highly preferred.
  • Be recommended by your instructor and approved by the chair of the department, Mr. Harris. Then contact Ms. Shang to complete your paper work

Get Paid

Level IV $9.50/hr 1 year experience and
completion of 1 unit of SD21
Level III $9.00/hr 1 year experience or
completion of 1 unit of SD21
Level II $8.50/hr no experience or units of SD21

Tutor Guidelines

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