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Textbook Physics for Scientists and Engineers Serway and Jewitt 7th ed. ISBN 978-0-495-11245-7

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Reminders August 20, 2010

1. Please Read Syllabus; don't forget to sign and turn in the last page.

2. Log into Webassign ASAP. Start first homework assignment ASAP.

3. Log onto Computers!

4. Web page will migrate to Blackboard this semester!

5. Sign up for 4Y.

Webassign Instructions:

- Go to http:/, and log in

- Click the homework assignment.

- Print out the assignment if you need to. Don't submit for grading until you are ready.

- If you have any questions please direct it to a tutor or instructor.

- Keep 3 significant figures in your answers.

- Acceptable numerical formats: 1/4 0.25 .25 2.5e-1

- Unacceptable numerical formats: O.25(letter O) 2.5 e-1 l/4 (lower case L) 5,300 (no commas)




About the Physics 4B class......

Physics 4B is the second in a sequence of three inductory general physics courses for science and engineering majors This course concentrates on electricity and magnetism, starting with Coulomb's Law and ending with electromagnetic waves. It is important that the student has a very good command of algebra, trigonometry, differential and integral calculus.

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