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Hi, I'm Dominic Calabrese,

Welcome to my home page. Feel free to browse this website. This semester I am teaching Physics 105 and Physics 210 . Course materials can be accessed through Blackboard.

Click Here: Exploding Watermelon Video 8/2006 (Video is in slow motion)

Although I spend most of my time teaching Physics, I try to spend some time doing research in my field of interest, namely, photodetachment of negative atomic and molecular ions.


Above is an 18W frequency doubled (532nm) Nd-Yag laser. The laser beam interacts with a negative ion beam inside the chamber shown.

Members of the research group at the University of Nevada, Reno. At the left is Srividya Duvvuri (graduate student) and in the middle is Dr. Aaron Covington.

This picture was taken at the Negative Ion Research Facility (NIRF) at the University of Nevada, Reno

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