Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Physics Club Minutes September 6, 2005

Today we discussed the positions required for the physics club, and then we followed up by giving these positions to the members. Justin Montoya was assigned secretary duties, Neil and Toni were given Vice Presidency, Gabriel was given Activities Coordinator, Neda is the Vice President of Projects…etc. Then we discussed some fundraising for the hurricane. After, we then discussed the priorities of physics day booth operators. We then gave times for each of the members to be there. And it goes as follows:
8-9:30 Gabriel, Aaron
10-11 Aaron
11-12 Gabriel, Toni, Neda
12-1 (including clean up) Korey, Amir, Aaron, Mihir

Following this discussion we talked about some different ideas that could be used to get the attention of the student body to our physics booth. Such ideas included using a liquid nitrogen experiment or the possibility of a Rube Goldberg design… Then the Meeting was adjourned.

Physics Club Minutes                                                                          September 13, 2005

1.  Discussed activities concerning B.B.Q.

2. Discussed liquid Nitrogen Display

3. Discussed booth day operators

Physics Club Minutes                                                            September 20, 2005

1.Discussed money, and what to do with the money that the club raised on Club Day Then 2.decided to use 100 dollars of the money to Hurricane Katrina
3. Upon discussing money we also established an idea for the left over money…
5. Guest Speaker Came in and discussed some ideas for the Club…
6. Then we adjourned the meeting, and decided to leave for Exploritorium by 8:00am 10/1

Physics Club Minutes Oct 11, 2005

-Next week people will be financially reimbursed.
-People and Culture day 19-20 of October should we participate? No
-New Members
Byron Claibourne

Nam Do

-2nd club day on November 8th we’ll try to get that day as our day for the second barbeque instead of the 16th, if we do there would be no club meeting on that Tuesday.
-Zach, Byron, and Tri will show up to club day at least, maybe more people.
-There is a food drive from now till the end of October, bring canned food.
-Byron will attend this weeks ASSC meeting.
-Free club T-shirt for anyone who helps with the BBQ
-Free food for those who go to Sanford Linear Particle Accelerator.
-Bring designs, pictures, ideas, etc. next week for what should go on the club T-shirt.

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