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Reminders May 14, 2008

1. Final Exam Average 72%.

2. Exam 4 Average 52%.

3. Have a Nice Summer.

4. Log into computers in Lab.

Log onto Mastering Physics.Work on tutorial assignment and 1st homework assignment. Course ID is MPCALABRESE0003

What is Mastering Physics?

MasteringPhysics is an online problem solving "tutoring" system. The system guides you through the solution of multi-step problems, removing roadblocks with wrong-answer-based feedback and on-demand hints. It includes multi-step problems that incorporate a wide variety of answer types, including symbolic math, fill-in-the-blank, numerical, and multiple-choice. Numerical problems are also modulated so that each student will receive a unique set of data and therefore have unique numerical answers. Students will be encouraged to help each other with solutions, but will still have to apply them to their unique problems.

For you to log into MasteringPhysics, you will need the Course ID (MPCALABRESE0003), a student access code (included in new text), and your student ID (college ID number).

If you purchase a new textbook, you will find a student access code in the Student Access Kit that comes with the text. If you purchase a used text, you will have to purchase an access code directly from the Mastering Physics website.

Students who have difficulties enrolling can usually find help through our Web-based list of FAQs. From the same page they can also contact Technical Support.

To get started:

1. Watch the "Overview" and "Getting Started" movies located at the bottom right-side of the Mastering Physics website.

2. Register and complete Homework Assignment 1 ( Introduction to MasteringPhysics).

About the Physics 4C class......

Physics 4C is the third in a sequence of three inductory general physics courses for science and engineering majors This course concentrates on thermal physics, waves, sound light and modern physics. It is important that the student has a very good command of algebra, trigonometry, differential and integral calculus.

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