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Textbook Physics for Scientists and Engineers Serway and Jewitt 7th ed. ISBN 978-0-495-11245-7

Final Exam Practice Problems (not a comprehensive set)

Reminders May 17, 2010

1. Final Exam Average 69%.

2. Please check your grades for errors. They will be submitted by the 19th.

Webassign Instructions:

- Go to http:/, and log in

- Click the homework assignment.

- Print out the assignment if you need to. Don't submit for grading until you are ready.

- If you have any questions please direct it to a tutor or instructor.

- Keep 3 significant figures in your answers.

- Acceptable numerical formats: 1/4 0.25 .25 2.5e-1

- Unacceptable numerical formats: O.25(letter O) 2.5 e-1 l/4 (lower case L) 5,300 (no commas)


About the Physics 4A class......

Physics 4A is the first in a sequence of three introductory general physics courses for physics and engineering majors. This course focuses on the fundamentals of mechanics. The topical content of this course is, typically: kinematics, Newton's laws, energy and momentum conservation, rotational kinematics and dynamics, gravitation, and fluids. It is important that the student has a very good command of algebra, trigonometry, differential calculus, and the basics of integral calculus.

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